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5 Essential Tips to Surviving a Bathroom Renovation

5 Essential Tips to Surviving a Bathroom Renovation

Before you begin your long-awaited bathroom makeover, you must plan ahead of time to ensure that the entire job runs smoothly with minimal inconvenience to your daily routine. This is especially true if your house has only one bathroom.

Here are some helpful hints for surviving your bathroom renovation:

Try to Set Convenient Renovation Times

In a perfect world, you’d time your bathroom renovation with something like a family vacation, entrusting a spare set of keys to the professionals doing the job. Then it’s simply a week under the tropical heat before returning, tanned and rejuvenated, to a lovely new bathroom.

However, if you cannot remain away from the house for the duration of the remodelling, try to choose a time when the work would have the least influence on your home life. Not scheduling renovations when friends or extended family come to visit for the weekend is a clear example!

Plan the Workaround

The ability to communicate effectively with your refurbishing professionals is essential for a successful bathroom makeover. No tradesman likes to make your life difficult, so let them know ahead of time about any times during the week when you will want running water and power. For example, if you work from home on Wednesdays or your kids come home from rugby practice all muddy every Friday, they should be able to arrange around such obligations.

Put Up Temporary Hygiene Stations

If this is your only bathroom, or if you have a large family who will be sharing a small bathroom, you’ll want to plan ahead of time. In addition to having a portable restroom on-site for the length of the project, consider erecting the following temporary spaces:

● A vanity/getting-ready station in your bedroom on a dresser or table.
● A toothbrushing and face-washing station by the kitchen sink.
● A peaceful haven in a guest bedroom, workplace, or even your garden if the weather is nice. (Note: if the remodel crew uses saws in your backyard, it might not be the most excellent idea!)

Ask Help From Friends

When you let your friends and family know about your bathroom renovation, they’re likely to offer assistance. They may let you use their shower or volunteer to take your children or dogs on playdates. Accept their help graciously, and remember to do the same for them in any of their future renovations.

Pick the Right Tradesman

Delays in any project are usually a cause of tremendous annoyance and inconvenience, and this is especially true when the operation of your only bathroom is hampered. If you don’t have a spare bathroom, you’ll want the task done as quickly as possible and with as few problems as possible.

You’ll need to vet your selected contractor thoroughly to avoid unforeseen delays. If they were referred to you by a trustworthy friend or colleague, it could give you some peace of mind; similarly, internet reviews and testimonials may typically provide a complete insight into a tradesman’s dependability and performance standards.


Whether you’re thinking of making a major or minor improvement to your bathroom, remember that the benefits of renovating your bathroom far exceed the inconvenience it entails.

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