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Creative and Practical Ideas for Your Garage Conversion

Creative and Practical Ideas for Your Garage Conversion

Are you planning on converting your garage space into an extension of your home? There are various options, whether you are going for a bigger kitchen, an additional room for the kids, or a home office space.

You will have to consider that garages are often awkward, long, and narrow spaces that may not be the best habitable living space. As experts in garage and loft conversions, we will run you through several ideas to help you decide on your garage conversion.

Converting It into a Home Office

If you are looking to create a conducive space for productivity and work, converting your garage into a home office is a great idea.

You can quickly isolate this space away from the rest of the living areas in your home, and you can create a self-contained entrance if you need to entertain work-related visitors.

Not only is this useful if you are working from home, but it can also be a space for your children to do their homework or any other member of your family to have an organised and quiet area.

You can add features such as built-in storage, power outlets, natural lights, pantry space, and a sink and toilet if you have visitors.

Creating a New Hobby Room

If your family has several hobbies, you can keep it organised by having a dedicated hobby room. This can help you minimise clutter and keep your home organised. Some fun hobby room ideas include:

  • Craft workshop
  • Library or reading room
  • Games room, whether that’s for indoor sports or video games
  • Home gym to keep your workout and fitness equipment
  • Home cinema to watch your favourite movies and series together
  • A cosy den to snuggle in and relax

Extending Your Kitchen

If you have your garage near your kitchen, you can knock the wall between the two to create a larger kitchen and dining space.

A reliable home improvement company can help you add more natural light through skylights or by adding a roof lantern.

Make sure each zone has a distinct purpose separated by different types of lighting, flooring, and paint to incorporate an open space plan for your kitchen.

An Efficient Utility Room

You may have noisy appliances and clutter that you want to keep away from your main living space. A utility room can be a great space to keep away this clutter, whether that’s your laundry, outdoor equipment, or items for your pets.

An Additional Bedroom

You can convert your garage into a bedroom to add more value to your home or house your growing family. Depending on the layout of your home, you can even add an extra bathroom and shower room in this space.

Adding a Second Living Room

You may want two living rooms, one for family time and another as a quiet space to retreat in. You can have a living room allocated for large family gatherings and another for quiet time.


You can easily extend your living space by converting your garage into a different room. You have various options, including a home office, hobby space, utility room, living room, or bedroom.

Are you looking for a home improvement company in Eastleigh to help you with your garage conversion? We at Brock Property Refurbishments offer quality decorating, plastering, carpentry, and electrical work. Contact us and get a quote today!