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Finding Your Own Home Décor Style

Finding Your Own Home Décor Style

Finding your own home style can be a daunting and difficult exercise. For most people, it either ends in unsuitability or home décor they absolutely regret. 

Most people don’t even know where or how to start the process of finding their own home décor style. They struggle to even pick out a piece of furniture and have to wonder endlessly what style that cabinet on sale is. 

So, if you’ve wondered what to do to your home to make that décor change you want, this guide is for you. 

How Do I Create My Own Decorating Style? 

Just get started, don’t wait for inspiration to find you, find it. Here are some easy steps and guidelines you need to use in finding your own decorating style. 

1. Just Get Started 

The first step in finding your own home décor style is to be dauntless about it. Don’t see it as a task you need to do but as an enjoyable activity.  

Most people don’t sit down to plan their own décor style because they’re afraid of messing it all up. This is why this guide is here to help you get started at once! 

2. Browse Through Magazines and Property Apps 

Find inspiration by looking through magazines, Pinterest, property apps showing homes for sale. Go through the pages and tear out or circle out the styles you are most drawn to. 

If you’re on Pinterest, you can screenshot or save the images of home décor styles you like. 

3. Decide on a Colour Palette 

The best place to discover the right colour palette is in your wardrobe. What colour of clothes do you prefer wearing most? 

Neutral colours or bright colours? Knowing this will help you in choosing and mixing the right colours for your floor, cabinets, walls, and curtains. 

4. Tour Your House and Take Stock of Your Present Decor 

Take a tour of your house and go room to room, taking inventory of all the furniture and accessories you have in each room. Also, take stock of the arts and crafts you currently own.  

Pay attention to their colours and textures. 

See which ones you like and the ones you could probably live without. This ought to give you a background idea of your likes and dislikes when it comes to styling your home.  

5. Consider Your Hobbies and Interests 

Your interests and hobbies should have a significant influence on your home décor styles. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a rock enthusiast, a photographer, or a lover of books, put a touch of your interests into your decorations. 

6. You Can Have Multiple Styles 

Having a single style is great and so is having multiple styles as well. Your many interests and tastes may leave you feeling you need to stick to one.  

But being eclectic is a plus as you can creatively impress these different home décor styles into your decorations.  

7. Make Use Of The Things You Love 

As you’re decorating, make sure whatever colours and accessories you plan to use are the ones you can live with waking up to every day.  

So go for the colour palette, accessories, and arts that you like and are passionate about. You can look for decorators in Eastleigh or close to where you who can help with some local and knowledge. 


If you’re going to redecorate each room, head to your local DIY store and grab a few tester pots to try out a few new colours. Or if you want to have that security in making sure it’s right the first time, get a local decorator to paint your home for you.  

If you’re in the local area there are many Decorators in Eastleigh that you can choose from, do make sure they have the experience and local knowledge that we do, it’s important when choosing the décor style you want. 

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