As a business, we do lots of different types of home renovation projects. Our services range from fully new kitchen installations with removal of the old one and we also do the same for bathrooms. Or maybe you simply require a painter and decorator to do those jobs you don’t have time for? Nothing is too much or too little for us.  

Types of home refurbishment  

Kitchen renovations – This is anything that varies from a new kitchen installation or even a new bathroom suite fitting. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Cooking and entertaining guests or simply eating. With a new kitchen revamp, it makes a big difference to your daily life routine and will change your home dramatically. 

Bathroom renovations – Like kitchens, bathrooms tend to be one of the main prioritised rooms. Bathrooms can add a real luxury effect to someone’s house. 

Painting and decorating renovations – Not all refurbishment have to be big dramatic changes. They can simply be a fresh new lick of paint here and there to give a house a fresh, new look or even a new flooring being placed.  

Four Reasons For a Home Improvement  

Add value to your homeand stay in the home you love

Refurbishment of your home can add value of up to 78% (according to Houzz & Home). Updating the kitchen can add an extra 5.5% on a house price in the UK. So, if you’re motivated by finances, refurbishment can be a great investment idea.  

Make your home more comfortable 

Are you simply not ready to look for a new place to live? Keeping on top of refurbishments means you get to stay in your house for longer and makes your house more practical and fully functional.  

Keep up with home trends 

More and more families are choosing to update their housed to keep up with trends using smart technology. This can be anywhere from the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen. An idea for the kitchen could be that maybe you want an oven that can be connected to the internet so you can adjust the cooking time and temperature.  

Make your home eco-friendly 

Or maybe you simply are looking to go greener and eco-friendly? Energy costs are on the rise, improving installation and using eco technology are fast and easy ways to save money on utilities and lower house running costs.  

If you want to know how we can help please get in contact either by email info@brockpropertyrefurbishments.co.uk, call 07971827086 or head to our quote page and leave details of the project you wish us to quote for.