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How and Why Green Kitchen Cabinets Will Transform Your Kitchen in 2021

How and Why Green Kitchen Cabinets Will Transform Your Kitchen in 2021

Kitchens are the hearts of every home, and green kitchen cabinets always bring a unique and sophisticated appearance to this place. Neutral kitchens may be getting popular among homeowners worldwide, but subtle greens still attract a lot of attention and favor. This is because this cooler hue can make your kitchen look inviting, spacious, and even relaxing. And this is why you should consider jazzing up your kitchen with green shades. 

Every homeowner knows that picking a colour for any room in the house, especially the kitchen, is not a walk in the park. This is even more so for those who dislike neutrals and would love to inject their personalities into their kitchens. One of the ways to do this is to have green kitchen cabinets. 

In this guide, you will learn more about the green hue and why it is the best choice when revamping your kitchen. And you will also discover that green is no longer a passing trend as it lends that modern feel to your kitchen. 

Why Green is a Desirable Colour for Kitchens 

Green is an excellent way to bring everything outdoors right into your kitchen. And green kitchen cabinets have a way of making your kitchen look or feel airy and fresh. 

Cooler shades of green – such as pistachio, mint, etc. – always work incredibly well in kitchens. This is even more so when combined with light wood and white accents. And at the moment, even as green seems to be gaining popularity in every room, no one can get enough of the hue in the kitchen.  

Green is also one of the colours of choice for anyone having great trouble finding or picking a perfect colour for the kitchen. It is a shade that is highly favored by many designers as well as the majority of homeowners.  

Now that you know choosing the right shade of green can make or mar your kitchen design, let’s take a look at some shades of green that can do wonders to your kitchen’s aesthetics. 

Forest Green, What Mood It Creates, And What Design Choices Complement It 

Do you know that forest greens can be counterbalanced with smoky glass and latte shades? You can even do the same with soft metallic, all of which contribute significantly to bringing luxuriousness to your kitchen. 

And if you consider adding brass as well as white marble via design aspects like worktops and lighting, light will bounce around your cooking space. These are excellent design choices that effectively balance the much heavier tones. 

Sage Green, What Mood It Creates, And What Design Choices Will Complement It 

Sage is that shade of green that is going to become incredibly popular in 2021. This hue adds an organic and fresh feel to any kitchen, especially when teamed with off-white colours that bring nature to mind.  

White worktops and walls can also contribute to the overall beauty of your kitchen, enhancing it’s clean and fresh look. Sage is perfect for you if you don’t like loud hues or wish to portray a refined Scandinavian design. 

Other Design Tips for Green Cabinets – Materials Best Paired With, etc.  

So, what other design tips in your kitchen will enhance the beauty of your green kitchen cabinets? Consider matching the green hues in your kitchen with brass and gold accents. Introducing marble worktops in your cooking space gives it that opulent and modern look common in 2021.  

If you prefer using lighter green hues in your kitchen, you can get the best results by matching it with warming neutrals – such as linen and cream – as well as rich shades of wood.  

What Colours/Shades/Tones Complement Different Shades/Tones of Green. (Warm, Neutral, Etc.) 

Your style choice will significantly determine how you decide to decorate your kitchen. What, then, is your style choice: modern, contemporary, or country? If your primary goal is to give your kitchen a soft approach, opt for green kitchen cabinets with neutral wall colours. 

But you want to immerse that kitchen space, go for green kitchen cabinets with a nice splash of paint on its walls. One rule of thumb that you should bear in mind – which professionals never forget – is to always strike a balance.  

What does this mean, you might ask? It means that the darker the shade of green on your kitchen cabinets, the lighter the colour should be on the floors, walls, etc. This rule can also be applied if you use light green tones. 

You can also introduce or combine the green tones in your kitchen with eau-de-nil-coloured furniture or cabinetry. Stone flooring and natural wood worktops also work incredibly well when used with green kitchen cabinets. 


As you can see, green kitchen cabinets, when combined innovatively with other colours, furniture, worktops, etc. will transform your kitchen in 2021. 

Revamping or transforming your kitchen is not something that you can do easily on your own. This is why you should consider working with a professional with an excellent track record of success in transforming kitchens. 

You can share your ideas with the professional and discuss until you arrive at a well-designed kitchen that you will always show off proudly to your friends and neighbours at all times. 

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