Why is plastering important?

You’ve chosen to update your room, but you’ve noticed that before you start anything, your plaster is starting to crack and doesn’t look as smooth as it first did. What do you need to do now? Well, a good plastering job is needed to make sure you’re left with a finish that not only looks good, but lasts a long time. You’re probably wondering why does plastering need re-doing over time, and is it just a way for plasterers to make money? It’s important to know that a badly done job that wasn’t taken time on, doesn’t last the sands of time.

Tap your walls, if they sound hollow or the plaster moves, then you’ll need the plastering re-doing. Plastering can be pricey depending on the size of the room. For example a plastering job of a small room would normally cost around £500-£690 and that takes around 2-3 days approximately.

How much does it cost to plaster a room?

The price of plastering a room varies, depending on multiple things.

  • How big is the room?
  • What style of plastering do you need done: fresh, skimmed or just a ceiling?
  • What’s the condition of the existing plaster?
  • What type of plastering will you choose, spray plastering or traditional?

How is airless spray plastering different to traditional plastering?

For a large room, plastering can cost around £1000 to £1375. But there’s a different much more cost-effective type of plastering that a few plasterers like ourselves are choosing to use. This is known as ‘Airless Spray Plastering’. Airless spray plaster systems use a fast-drying plastering compound that is used with an airless spray gun, users report 20-30% less time needed to complete compared to traditional.

Why should I choose airless spray plastering over traditional plastering?

There are lots of benefits to choosing this style of plastering. Airless spray plastering is a fast, clean and a surprisingly easy way to plaster. Surfaces can be dry and ready to re-paint within 24hrs (but leave for 48hrs maximum depending on temperature inside and outside of your house). Drying is done by air-contact and not chemical set. As it dries to white, there will be no need for an undercoat of paint, also saving you time and money. Airless plastering dries quicker than traditional plaster, this means you can complete a room quicker by having other trades such as carpet layers and plumbers doing their job within a day or two. With no mixing required beforehand and less clean up after, this also means fewer labour hours, which brings down the time and the cost for a better, even finish over.

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