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How Room Colour Alters Your Mood Everything You Need to Know

How Room Colour Alters Your Mood: Everything You Need to Know

Designing your home can be a pretty difficult task. This is mainly due to all the other factors you must consider when making decisions regarding the design. Because of this, some aspects of the design process tend to get neglected. Choosing the right colour for your house is pretty important, because the colour of a room can actually have a significant effect on your mood.

What is Colour Psychology?

Before we start, it’s important that we talk about colour psychology. Colour psychology is the study of how hues can influence human behaviour and affect perception. The main premise is that colours have qualities that can evoke feelings and emotions from people. This means that each individual colour is meant to represent a feeling or emotion. Colour psychology is often used in marketing and advertising as it can help sell products by evoking specific emotions. Aside from this, colour psychology is also used for design. By using the right colours a space can effectively influence your overall disposition.

What is the Best Colour for a Room?

As colours can alter a person’s mood, the main question on all your minds is probably what is the best colour for a room. Despite how simple the question seems, there are a slew of different things that you must take into consideration.

If you paint your walls in a less saturated bright green, then this can help promote a sense of calm. Blue, on the other hand, can help a person feel more energised. Take note that differences in saturation and brightness can alter the effects of the colours. Here’s a quick summary of the colours and their effects:

  • Blue: Energy
  • Green: Calmness
  • Yellow: Positivity
  • Orange: Warmth

Given what you now know, the answer to the “best” colour becomes even more complicated. At the end of the day, the best colour fully depends on what mood you are trying to create within your space. If you want people to feel more relaxed, then you should consider painting the room green. If you want to encourage creativity and productivity, then blue is most likely the best option.


We hope this article has helped you further your understanding of how colours can affect a person’s mood. Be sure to keep all this information in mind when making decisions regarding the colour of your rooms. For the best results, be sure to hire professionals to paint the rooms in your home.

If you’re looking for professionals to repaint your rooms, we here at Brock Property Refurbishments are dedicated to helping our clients with their home improvement projects. Whether it’s decorating a residential home, part of that home such as a kitchen refurbishment, or a large-scale project such as a newly built warehouse, or newly erected housing estate, we are experts in spray plastering, spray painting, traditional decorating services, carpentry or electrical work we dedicate all our efforts to each and every project. For more information on what we can do for you, visit our website today.