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Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Kitchen

Kitchen Storage Ideas to Declutter Your Kitchen

Do you live in a tiny house of flat, and your small kitchen seems to be all cluttered up? Even if you live in a large flat, but have zero kitchen storage ideas, your kitchen may still be cluttered up.  

The truth is no one ever has enough kitchen storage. But getting enough kitchen storage ideas will help you maximize your cooking space. So, why not take your attention away from what you don’t have and focus on how to make the most of that tiny kitchen? 

The following kitchen storage ideas have been compiled for you. And by the time you read to the end, your mind should be brimming with great concepts to introduce in your kitchen. 

  1. Use Baskets 

Using baskets is not an idea that really comes to mind when trying to make the most of a small kitchen space. You can add a few baskets to deep cabinets in order to store things such as tea towels, placemats, and even table cloths in them instead of stuffing them in drawers. 

Moreover, using baskets makes it easier for you to find things since they are not really that far back in your cupboard. You can also place these easy-to-grab bins right on top of your kitchen cabinets, thereby making the cabinets look neater and well-kept.  

  1. Store pans on their side  

One of the best ways you should consider storing your pans is to keep them on their sides. Store your pans, baking trays, and even cutting boards on their sides. This makes it far easier to access them since they are not on top of each other. And this arrangement also frees up your cupboard, leaving space that you can fill with other items. 

  1. Make use of cabinet doors 

This is another of the numerous kitchen storage ideas that many people with small kitchens don’t utilize. If you discover that your utensil drawers are getting overcrowded, consider hanging some of the more frequently used cooking utensils on the inside of your cabinet doors. This also makes for easier access, especially when you need to use the utensils in a jiffy. 

  1. Add Hooks 

Okay, nearly everyone is hooked on hooks, except you, of course. This is the right time to add hooks to available space in your small kitchen. Hooks can easily turn all your cutting boards or your apron collection into a single focal point.  

And this frees up other space that you can use for other things. 

  1. Utilize Your Windowsill 

Do you have a window in your small kitchen? If you do, then there is good news: you can utilise your windowsill. Consider putting some of your favorite cookbooks or plants on it. 

But make sure all these do not block out the needed ventilation every kitchen must-have. 

  1. Hang a Pegboard  

No matter how tiny your beloved kitchen is, you can use the walls. Consider hanging a pegboard. This adds a very flexible storage space that you can readily adjust over time as your needs change. 

A pegboard can hold pans, pots, and even canisters while freeing up more space that you can utilize effectively. 


As you can see, there is practically no shortage of kitchen storage ideas. All you need to do is to get creative; take your attention away from your small kitchen. Focus on making the most of your cooking space, and you will always smile with delight any time you walk into your kitchen! 

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