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Making Room For The Kitchen Office

Making Room for the Kitchen Office

With the pandemic affecting office life severely, only essential workers are required to go to work. Office workers are required to work from home where possible, and it can be a huge challenge getting that office feeling and work mindset. 

Most people have found a way around this creating offices in their bedrooms, attics, or living room. Some have turned their kitchens into stylish and creative office spaces, saving a lot in the process and with this guide plus using a local company such as Brock Property Services, a decorator in Eastleigh, you too can also make room for your kitchen office too. 

1. Convert a Free Space or Corner 

The far corner of your kitchen is where you may most likely find the space to fit in a desk, chair and some cabinets or shelves too. Take a look around your kitchen and mark a space large enough to fit your office desk.  

As a plus, make sure it is close to an electrical outlet as well as a bright or well-lit part of the kitchen.  

Keep in mind that you may have to bring in files and folders as you work. So it needs to be a place free from spills. 

2. Organize Your Storage Areas 

Making room for the kitchen office requires a lot of organisation and space management. Since your kitchen workstation will be fairly permanent, you need to organise your storage areas. 

This is especially important if you have family or kids around. Use drawers, cabinets, rolling carts, and baskets to designate storage areas for each item you use. 

3. Time Management 

One key to a successful kitchen office is avoiding a clash of office activities with meals. Time management is the key here. Structure your time so that you clear up immediately after meals and tidy up the kitchen.  

This will help you avoid distractions once you step into your kitchen office space. In this way office time doesn’t affect kitchen duties, and vice-versa. 

4. Decoration and Proper Illumination Is Key 

We know it is unconventional in the kitchen, but this is no excuse not to add a few decorations. Convertible background decor can make your kitchen more office-friendly for zoom meetings. 

If it is likely your kitchen office space will be at a dim nook or corner of your kitchen. You need a layer of light for your workspace.  

A table lamp or task lamp over your computer will make your workspace properly illuminated. Under cabinet lighting are also a great space saver.  

5. Don’t Waste Your Wall 

Since you’re not spoilt for choice of space, why not use it well? And what better way to do this than to make use of your kitchen walls. 

You can hang obstructing utensils on the walls far from your office space. Then closer to your office space, a wall cabinet is what you need to bring your office library to the kitchen. 


Making the much needed room for your kitchen office could be a challenge for you to DIY. This is where you need professional and competent hands. 

As a decorator in Eastleigh, we’re able to take on the project of creating the perfect working environment within the kitchen or any room within the house.  

Our one-stop shop means we can install an office that integrates with the kitchen and then decorate accordingly. 

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