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Some Reminders before Your Bathroom Refurbishment

Some Reminders before Your Bathroom Refurbishment

The bathroom is an essential room found in every house. Homeowners who want their old bathroom to look beautiful and functional have likely considered getting a bathroom refurbishment. Extensive and costly projects like this require a team of experts.

While you already know that, it does not hurt to know the important notes when it comes to bathroom refurbishments. With this knowledge on hand, you can better understand the process and service you are paying for.

Why Is a Layout Review a Must-Have?

You might wonder why you would want to think about the layout, especially if your bathroom already looked beautiful from the get-go.

The main reason for the layout review is to tell you how many people can use the bathroom. It is an essential factor to consider if you have a large family,  you also want to make sure that a party can use the same bathroom. The traffic in and out of the bathroom is necessary to consider.

If you are planning a bathtub, you will need to make sure you can add in a bath or shower screen. It is what makes the bathroom functional. The layout helps the bathroom reach the appropriate standards and ensures that the homeowners see what they should expect.

What to Know About the Plumbing and Pipework

If you want to make your water system more efficient and water-saving, you will have to ensure that the pipework and installation are carried out correctly. The plan should make sure that the pipework is routed in a way that the water can travel as smoothly as possible.

If you have a power shower, you will need to install an electric shower pump. Through its electric drive, it can operate the pump and make it possible for the shower to have a constant water flow.

PVC or PEX pipe systems are good choices for materials. You can also install a soil stack above the bath to help remove black water and drain waste.

What to Know about the Shower

The majority of those who enjoy having a bath to clean themselves prefer to shower afterward. If you want to tweak your shower area, choosing suitable material is also essential.

You can choose to have a tiled shower or a plastic shower. You can also opt to use a glass screen or a wooden screen. The material is entirely up to you.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to keep the bathroom durable and watertight. You also need to ensure it is safe and follows the pipe system layout.

Keep in mind that if you want the shower installed correctly, you will have to keep the space clear during the installation process. You can be sure that a bathroom refurbishment will be more affordable when you get the right contractors for the job.


Regardless of how complex the project is, understanding its basics will always be . When you know the basics, you can choose the right bathroom design. Make sure that you choose something functional yet attractive. More importantly, your bathroom refurbishment should be able to fit your needs and the needs of your family.

If you plan on having a bathroom refurbishment soon, we can help. Brock Property Refurbishments are your reliable and professional refurbishment services provider in and around Eastleigh. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer.