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Why Opting to Spray Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets is the Right Move

Why Opting to Spray Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets is the Right Move

Do you want to extend the lifespan of your kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank? One of the best or most efficient ways to do this is to spray paint kitchen cabinets. It will not only give your kitchen an excellent facelift but will save you money and time. But is this a good move, you might ask? Is it not better to completely revamp your kitchen cabinets?  

You will discover why opting to spray paint kitchen cabinets is the right move to make in the following few paragraphs. 

The Process of Spray Painting Kitchen Cabinets 

There are 2 unique ways for painting cabinets: spray painting and brush painting. Let’s break down each process briefly. 

To spray paint kitchen cabinets involves using a paint sprayer to apply a coat – or two – of paint over cabinets. Painting cabinets this way ensures the even distribution of the paint. However, spray-painting should not be confused with using spray cans for painting. 

On the other hand, brush painting involves using a roller or paintbrush to apply paint. It can be a messy way of applying paint on cabinets or any other place that requires painting. But this method of applying has its benefits, which is why it is still relevant today. 

Kitchen life can be incredibly demanding, and cabinets are not left out. This is why it is crucial to use a paint that can withstand the challenges of kitchen life, which includes liquid spills, touching cabinet doors when opened or closed, food spills, etc. Most cabinet paints are specially formulated to defy constant use as well as wear and tear over time. 

The appearance of a paint finish is the first thing you should decide on when considering painting or even re-painting all the cabinets in your kitchen. You have to also consider the kitchen décor, counters, appliances, etc., before picking a paint color. If you fail to choose the best or right colour and variety or get the application wrong, the result won’t be pleasant. 

This is why these decisions should be left in the hands of reputable professionals with skin in the game. They know the paints that stick to cabinets, the type of wood used for making kitchen cabinets, etc. 

The Time It Takes to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets vs. Hand Paint 

It is usually much faster to spray paint kitchen cabinets than hand paint them. This is because it covers a much greater area within a short time. Moreover, there is less drying time because the layers usually go on cabinets thinner. 

Hand painting nearly always leaves behind unsightly brush strokes. And lastly, labour costs are significantly reduced when you spray paint kitchen cabinets. 

The Results You Can Expect from Spray Painting vs. Hand Paint (Smoother, No Brush Strokes) 

The coverage when spray painting kitchen cabinets is smoother, thereby enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics. And the absence of brush strokes makes the entire paintwork pleasing to the eyes. 

The Importance of Hiring a Skilled and Professional Spray Painter Such as Bespoke Spraying Solutions and What Can Go Wrong If You Don’t. 

Make no mistake about it; if your kitchen can get a colourful finish, your vision for that room will come to life. And you will always be proud to show off your kitchen during social gatherings. 

However, this is not something you can achieve by yourself, even if you consider yourself a top-notch DIYer. Highly trained and experienced professionals can provide a first-class service where your kitchen cabinets get a beautiful finish. 

They are mostly perfectionists and can easily troubleshoot any problem areas they encounter. 

What’s more, they can tackle your kitchen cabinets and complete the work within a short time. Untrained individuals or DIY enthusiasts don’t have eyes for detail and can easily make a few costly mistakes they’d regret. 


Getting a kitchen makeover is one of the best feelings in the world. But even more satisfactory is the fact that you don’t even have to replace your kitchen cabinets. When you spray paint kitchen cabinets, especially with help from experienced professionals, you will do so at a small fraction of the cost of a complete revamp. 

Moreover, this cabinet refinishing will significantly upgrade your kitchen and boost the aesthetics of your entire kitchen and living space. 

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