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A brand you can count on to give you the finest plastering service in Eastleigh and around the south coast. 

With fewer water requirements, minimal waste, less manual labour, and a dust-free finishing, spray plastering is changing the way traditional plasters work. As an industry, we need to find solutions to be more cost effective, passing that saving on to the end client. We at Brock Property Refurbishments come City & Guilds qualified in spray plastering, giving our clients a great finish in less time, saving money on the overall project.

There’s no waiting days on end for the plaster to dry. Once applied it can dry within a matter of hours compared to the days it takes traditional plastering. It’s quicker, dust free and other people or trades can be in the house.

The benefits of spray painting:
A finer finish,
The ability to get the toughest of angles,
Quicker at drying than traditional plastering,
Dust-free environment,
Minimal waste helping the environment,
A safer working environment,

During the uncertainty around COVID, we can be extremely flexible bringing expertise and experience to any job that drives effective results.

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