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Tips To Create An Expensive Looking Kitchen

Tips To Create an Expensive Looking Kitchen

If you’ve probably asked yourself what makes a luxury kitchen, you’re not alone. There’s no doubt the kitchen is one of the most important parts of the modern house, and so we like it looking nice and swanky.  

However it could really be one of the most expensive rooms to repair in your house as well. But the good news is you don’t need to break the bank or throw cash away to get the luxurious look you deserve. 

Here are some tips to create an expensive looking kitchen.  

1. Recolour Your Kitchen 

With a new coat of paint, you can give your kitchen a fresh clean look and feel. If you’re based down by the south coast do look for decorators in Eastleigh.  

Those that will be close to you who can provide you a great local service that fit in with your luxury custom design. Lighter colours on your cabinets and kitchen walls makes the space look brighter and more spacious. 

2. Upgrade the Lighting 

Lighting is one accessory that can give your kitchen a luxury and modern look about it while making it brighter, and to do the trick you will need fashionable pendants and chandeliers.  

Filament light bulbs can do your kitchen’s appeal a whole lot of good. Whatever choice you go with, make sure to check with your local property refurbishment firm for expert advice.  

3. Declutter to Create Space 

Decluttering your kitchen is one underrated way to make it more appealing and more attractive. Make sure your countertops are clear from unnecessary papers, towels, appliances, or even kids toys. 

Some of the excesses can go into your cupboards and cabinets. Your choice of paint colour can affect how spacious your kitchen appears to be. If you are working with a local decorator such as Brock Property Refurbishments we’ll be able to select the best colour for the size of your kitchen.  

4. Change the Work Surface 

Previous practice in redecoration used to see the kitchen done with a single colour of paint. Nowadays, the more modern and luxurious looking kitchens have contrasting colours.  

Experienced decorators in Eastleigh like Brock Property Refurbishments advise you use lighter colours on the walls to reflect light and on cabinets to hide scratches.  

5. Update Appliances and Hardware  

You may be asking yourself “How can I make my kitchen look more modern?” Well no kitchen is truly modern looking without up to date appliances and technology. From toasters to ovens, and microwave, and down to cupboard handles and knobs, make sure they’re updated. 

6. Add Arts and Plants  

Although it is not usually a space you’d think of hanging a prized work of art, the kitchen becomes more than a cooking spot when you add art. Plants in stylish vases adds to the whole expensive and luxury look that your kitchen gives. 


Do you want a luxurious feel and modern look to the space you’ll do your cooking and some eating in? Then you really should be looking out for a local decorator such as Brock Property Refurbishments

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